Thoughts on Social Media Privacy for Business Owners

Social media privacy concerns are putting consumers on edge, so be proactive in your social media presence by understanding privacy trends and acknowledging your customers’ needs.

Social media trends are always advancing, and as a business owner you need to respond quickly to paradigm shifts to keep your marketing strategies effective. With privacy concerns in social media on the rise and new platforms emerging left and right, keep these themes in mind to stay ahead of the curve.

Your Customers’ Trust is Fragile

People like to engage with brands on social media platforms—for the most part. Whenever there’s a special deal, a witty post, or an illuminating conversation, customers tend to enjoy communicating with brands. But there’s a fine line between comfortable interaction and privacy breech.

Retargeting campaigns and location-based services use customer information to generate advertising. While these online marketing strategies are measurably effective, they can also give users a feeling of intrusion. In the short-term, these types of campaigns are valuable, but you’ll need to be careful not to alienate your customer base by knowing too much about them.

People Trust People, Not Corporations

Your social media presence should revolve around a charismatic and relatable brand personality. People don’t want to talk to what they see as a faceless, bland organization. If they see flat, uninspired posts or limited interaction with a user base, they’ll likely assume the business is only on social media to make sales and get information, and they won’t trust you for anything.

Instead, interact regularly with your fans and followers on a personal level. Don’t go out of your way to sell to people. Your users will feel respected and comfortably private, and will trust your brand as a result.

Alternatives are Emerging

Alternative social media platforms with a focus on ensuring privacy and/or anonymity, such as Snapchat, are emerging in great volume as privacy concerns escalate. As public awareness of Facebook’s privacy issues grows, more and more users are flocking to alternatives like these. If you’re going to stay on top of your game as a social media marketer, you’ll need to get involved. It means you’ll have to use old fashioned organic methods of growing a following, but in the end you’ll have stronger, more mutual connections.

Privacy is an issue in social media now more than ever, but with a few strategic adjustments you can keep your customers comfortable and improve your overall conversions.