Is Your Marketing Prepared for the Mobile Revolution?

There are many methods businesses use to attract attention, but none are as revolutionary as mobile marketing. The number of potential consumers using their mobile devices to shop, download coupons, and find bargains is skyrocketing. The face of marketing is changing. Businesses that aren’t ready for the mobile revolution will get buried by their competitors.

Restaurants, bars, child care centers, tanning salons and pet boarding services – it doesn’t matter what kind of business is involved, they can all benefit from the powerful, efficient and cost-effective nature of mobile marketing.

Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobile devices provide a commanding platform for organizations to reach new consumers, create customer loyalty, and increase the bottom line. In today’s fast-paced society, business owners want advertising that delivers. Not the traditional hit-or-miss ads that frequent such places as television, radio and direct mail.

Mobile advertising is effective because the content is targeted towards consumers who opted to receive it. The Mobile Marketing Review suggests that the average response rate to mobile marketing is 15 percent; whereas the response rate for some other platforms is only two to three percent.

Mobile technology allows organizations to target consumers, and send promotions, coupons, discount codes, and other incentives straight to mobile devices. Today’s consumers appreciate being able to take advantage of promotions and sales without having to flip through newspapers, or print and clip coupons.

Cell phones go wherever their users go. Many people even sleep with their devices right next to them. Whenever marketing material is sent, it only takes a matter of seconds to reach the intended target.

People do not come into contact with traditional marketing mediums as often as they used to. Of course, traditional marketing methods certainly have their place; they just can’t reach the volume of customers mobile technology can.

Effective advertising is the key to getting customers in the door. An effective marketing campaign is the best way to accomplish this. Organizations that want to tip the scales of profit in their favor should join the mobile marketing revolution.