How to Get Great Customer Testimonials

It’s sometimes difficult to capture a customer’s positive feedback and share it with your future prospects and current customers. Customer testimonials are a great way to gain credibility and prove your products and services are of high value. However, sometimes customers are more likely to provide a negative experience rather than a positive one.

Where’s the motivation?

If a customer has a negative experience, they can sometimes benefit from posting those negative thoughts online. They do this because if the company is monitoring their online presence, and they should be, their customer service will likely respond to fix the issue. This reinforces the benefit of posting negative testimonials. On the flip side, a customer may not share their positive experiences with your brand because they already have what they want. They’re satisfied and have no motivation to give themselves another task.

When’s the best time to act?

This may seem obvious but the question should be asked immediately when the customer has confirmed a great job done. It’s amazing how often great moments like this pass by, and they would have been opportune times to capture a customer’s testimonial in writing. Here are some trigger phrases that should immediately bring up a testimonial form.

  • “Thank you!”
  • “Great job”
  • “I love this”
  • “This exceeded my expectations”
  • “That solved my problem”
  • “Amazing job”

Whenever a team member hears positive affirmation like this, they should instantly grab a pen and a piece of paper then say “We’re glad to be of service! We’d love to share your feedback with future customers. Would you mind writing a few thoughts on your experiences?”

Add testimonials to your marketing mix

There are third party tools that can help automate the process of receiving and managing testimonials. These tools will streamline  asking customers to write a reviews and allow you to track them. As part of our Local Listings offering, we help our clients implement these tools and work with them to strategically add testimonial capture forms into their inbound marketing system. With these tool, our clients have been able to capture and monitor their reviews by asking via email, on their websites, or sharing the URL in person. In addition, the positive testimonials automatically disseminate across the web including sites like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Maps, Super Pages, etc.

Start asking today and pretty soon you’ll have a library of great feedback!