Email Marketing is Not Dead, It Has Evolved

Think email marketing is dead? Well think again. Email as a marketing tactic has simply evolved. While it is true that the old blanket email style of marketing has gone the way of the dinosaurs, a new wave is replacing it.

Today businesses know how easy it is for customers to opt out of email lists, so the messages sent need to be interesting, pertinent and useful for your readers. Send them discounts, personalized messages and information that they can use.

Innovative Techiques

Today, businesses know that it is all about personalization. When sending out emails to customers, personalize. Personalize your emails by greeting your clients by name. If they are repeat clients, let them know when something they have purchased in the past is on sale, or better yet, send them a discount to buy their favorite items.

Businesses are also taking advantage of client information and sending out emails on their customers’ birthdays. Whether you are sending out a discount, special offer or simply saying “Enjoy your special day”, it is a nice way to show your customers that you not only care, but you see them as people, not just names on an email list.

Another way to keep your customers engaged, and on your email list, is by giving them information they can use. Not every email needs to be a sale, a promotion or a discount. Simply sending your email list articles such as recipes, cleaning tips, fitness advice, money-saving ideas and the like are ways to keep your customers engaged and looking forward to your communications.

And once you realize which of these subjects your readers respond best to, tailor your messages to that niche. Make sure to add in a promotion for your site at the bottom and you have an excellent marketing technique, simply.


Another way that email marketing has evolved is through SMS or text messaging. Oftentimes your client lists will include phone numbers. Opting to send your clients text messages is a great way to give them immediate access to discounts.

Send a text email message that your clients can show when they shop at your business, or simply let them know about specials that are happening now.