2 Considerations When Creating Your Company Social Media Profiles

Companies who want to gain customers online need to have both a professional modern company website but also an active social media presence. Out of all internet users 67% are using social networks. Social media can make it possible for a businessperson to not only engage with potential customers but also communicate with those who have done business with the company in the past.

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5 Reasons Business Owners Should Tweet

For many business owners, the pressure to network via social media can simply feel like one more headache within the daily grind. It’s been proven that utilizing Twitter can build a powerful following, but some business owners consider the microblogging site to be a nuisance and a trend that will soon die out.

Some CEOs on Twitter:

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Thoughts on Social Media Privacy for Business Owners

Social media privacy concerns are putting consumers on edge, so be proactive in your social media presence by understanding privacy trends and acknowledging your customers’ needs.

Social media trends are always advancing, and as a business owner you need to respond quickly to paradigm shifts to keep your marketing strategies effective. With privacy concerns in social media on the rise and new platforms emerging left and right, keep these themes in mind to stay ahead of the curve.

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Social Media Influences SEO

In recent years, many people have started to use social media on a daily basis. Some of the more popular social media sites in the world receive millions of hits daily and their users sometimes spend hours every day using them. Because of this, search engines have started to pay more attention to the social media craze and it has even begun to affect search engine rankings. As a webmaster, it makes sense to become aware of social media trends and how they affect search engine optimization practices.

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10 Twitter Success Tips

When I first joined Twitter, I didn’t know quite what I would get out of it. However, like all other social media I knew it was about building real relationships. For all relationships, in-person or otherwise, the connection should always be genuine and helpful.

Based on what I’ve learned, I believe that your Twitter strategy should be based on reciprocity of sharing others’ content first and then engaging them with interesting conversation.

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