Is Your Marketing Prepared for the Mobile Revolution?

There are many methods businesses use to attract attention, but none are as revolutionary as mobile marketing. The number of potential consumers using their mobile devices to shop, download coupons, and find bargains is skyrocketing. The face of marketing is changing. Businesses that aren’t ready for the mobile revolution will get buried by their competitors.

Restaurants, bars, child care centers, tanning salons and pet boarding services – it doesn’t matter what kind of business is involved, they can all benefit from the powerful, efficient and cost-effective nature of mobile marketing.

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Why Your Business Should Go Mobile

Take a look around at all the devices that have been released out into the marketplace. Between tablets, WIFI connected music players, and phones, everyone can be connected online 24/7. This means that wherever your customers are, they have the option to do business with you. Believe the data, your customers are exercising that option daily. This year, more people will use their mobile phones to get online, rather than using their PCs (Gartner, 2010). By 2015, there will be more than one mobile device for every person on earth (Cisco, 2011). Still think it’s going away?

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Mobile Websites Are a Customer Requirement

The recent popularity of smartphones and tablet computers has led to an influx of mobile web traffic. On any given day, more and more of a site’s traffic will come from mobile users. In this ever-changing technological climate it is now more important than ever to provide mobile users with a compatible, easy to use mobile site. Failing to adapt is sure to lead to a decrease in traffic and resultant financial loss. The following reasons will illustrate the need for a mobile version of a website.

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