Branding is an Essential Part of Marketing

Every small business owner really wants one thing: more sales! Branding can be an effective tool, when combined with an inbound marketing strategy, to increase your sales by providing a consistent message every time your customers interact with you.

What does it mean to create a brand?

Many small business owners overlook is the fact that their brand, whether a business name or a product offering, can be the real key to take their marketing efforts to the next level. While having a great product or a great reputation is one thing, being able to transfer those qualities into something instantly recognizable is another. That’s where developing your branding comes into play.

When you hear the words Coke, McDonalds, Firestone, Ford or even Disneyland, many things come instantly to mind. Great products, consistent service, consistent quality and a solid reputation. These are aspects of your business you want people to think of when they see your business name or one of your products. Having a solid marketing strategy not only builds awareness of your products and services, but of your brand as well.

Build branding into your inbound marketing strategy.

A good marketing plan not only builds your brand, but your brand will also help build your marketing strategy. They play off of each other to create awareness and to encourage interest in who you are and what you have to offer. Even a small business can take advantage of the marketing strategies big corporations use to build their brands.

For instance, getting your brand in front of eyeballs is a key element to a successful marketing campaign. As a small business, you may only be working with a local market. This means you also may be working with a limited budget and leveraging your website into a branding as well as a marketing and sales tool can have a huge impact on your successes.

Put your brand everywhere.

With a minimum expenditure of advertising dollars, especially spending dollars supporting local events, schools and charities can bring a lot of awareness of your company. Taking a minimalist direction with your advertising, a mention of your branding and exposure of your website name will drive interest in your business and your products. This means you’re getting the branding opportunities you need while building the awareness you want without blowing your marketing budget.

Taking advantage of little things like business cards and even door hangers brings even more brand awareness and name recognition for your company. These inexpensive alternatives to radio and television advertising enables you to push interest levels across the community and having a great website enables you to minimize your expenses as well. Success for your small business, especially the kind of success you want, will depend on a great branding and marketing strategy.