5 Reasons Business Owners Should Tweet

For many business owners, the pressure to network via social media can simply feel like one more headache within the daily grind. It’s been proven that utilizing Twitter can build a powerful following, but some business owners consider the microblogging site to be a nuisance and a trend that will soon die out.

Some CEOs on Twitter:

At the moment, though, Twitter is too powerful of a promotional tool to ignore. It’s been used to bolster political aspirations and get book deals, so anyone who’s skeptical of the Twitter phenomenon is invited to consider these five benefits of the site.

1. Branding
The foremost tier of advertising is, of course, brand recognition: The ability to keep clients engaged by informing them that you are still in business and are still valued in your niche. Timely information and humor are two of the most effective tools for gathering subscribers on Twitter, and a reasonable number of tweets per day can help solidify your fan base. It is recommended that most businesses tweet at least two or three times per day and each tweet should add value to your followers (or don’t send it!).

2. Quick and Dirty Research
Many business owners find it extremely difficult to keep up with rapidly shifting cultural trends. The zeitgeist simply changes too often for any of us to stay current through traditional media, and many of us are left scratching our heads and wondering what the next big idea will be.

Twitter allows business owners to read—and better understand—the thoughts, needs, and wants of future generations through unfiltered speech.

3. Last-Minute Promotion
Is a new product in the works? Is your business located near a breaking news story? Did someone famous just walk in the door?

Anyone following your business can be instantly alerted to the most interesting aspects surrounding your enterprise, and Twitter can help to rally fans around timely events.

4. Feedback
Business owners are often perplexed as to why they aren’t profiting from their seemingly fantastic work and/or product. Direct feedback from clients (and potential clients) can guide you toward innovations in your business that were once unidentifiable.

In an era where clients are permitted to give performance ratings on the fly (think Amazon or Yelp), it helps to interact closely with your fan base and cater to them.

5. Augmenting Output
A well-moderated Twitter account will hyperlink to other areas of interest within a business’s online presence. Twitter can (and should) be used to promote a company’s blog posts and calendar updates, as well as any news articles that are pertinent to its industry.