3 Fundamentals of Quality, Long-Term SEO Link Building

Link building is diminishing in relevance but with a careful approach, you can set yourself up for the future.

SEO is already complicated, and old rules of search rankings are constantly being overwritten. Practices like link building are subject to tweak after tweak, making it difficult for marketers to stay current and build value without becoming vulnerable to future revisions. But these fundamentals of quality link building are perfect for the long-term strategist.

1. Accept that Link Building is Not a Trick

You’re never going to fool Google. The search engine giant’s algorithms are incredibly complex, and becoming more complex by the day. By processing massive volumes of data and constantly improving its ranking processes, Google is gradually making the old school techniques of SEO completely obsolete. This means that yes, eventually keyword stuffing and link spamming are going to be virtually worthless.

But there is still a lot of value in quality link building, and not just for the moment. Knowing that Google is always going to win, you can adjust your goals from simply getting links out there to creating high quality links that could never be considered spam.

2. Improve Quality with a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

Quality content marketing is the future of SEO, and you can use it to build more relevant, future-proof links for your brand. Reach out to your link partners and ask them what their users would like to see. Focus on providing the type of content your partners and their audiences will read and distribute, and try to write for the future; make predictions on how industry trends will develop over the next five years. It will set you up for great follow-up links as you reevaluate your expectations.

3. Don’t Overthink It

For years, people have tried to formulate the most precise way to link, finding the best places to link and the best anchor text to use. These strategies were effective in their prime, but they’ll only waste your time if you try to implement them now. Instead, relax, and build links through natural relationships. Establish a handful of link building partners and distribute links only when it’s truly appropriate. That way, your links will be beneficial for years to come.

Implement these fundamentals of link building in your SEO strategy if you’re interested in long-term success rather than immediate traction. Patience, attention to quality, and natural relationships are the keys to mastering a solid SEO strategy that won’t be destroyed by Google’s ever-advancing structure.