25 Sure-fire Ways to Grow Your Email List

With all the attention building your social media presence, you may have forgotten that the powerhouse of your business is still in your email marketing strategy and building your email list. Maintaining a smart, well-cultivated email list is essential to building profitability in your business. There has never been a better time to update and reinvigorate your email strategy. Here are 25 sure-fire ways to get started on your list building:

  1. Sign up form on your website: Every website needs an email registration. When asked, 77% of email marketers ranked this as their most pervasive tactic to generate list growth (source).
  2. SEO of landing pages: Search engine optimization of your website, especially your landing pages will help your website show up whenever customers are looking for you.
  3. Contests: Whether in-store, online, via social media posts, or at a trade show; enter-to-win contests with email as the notification device is a great way to collect new addresses.
  4. Make your emails viral with a forward option: Your customers love to pass on good ideas or deals to friends. Make sure your emails have an easy, fast, and visible way to forward.
  5. Referrals: Don’t be shy to ask your customers for a referral. Give them a reward or incentive for doing so and give the same great deal to the referrals with your first email communication.
  6. Use social media to drive traffic to your website: Social media channels are designed to keep content slim and frequent. Use links and promo codes to drive new customers to your website where content can be more meaningful.
  7. Irresistible downloadable content: Load your website with content that your customers will want to have as their own. Use email registration as a way to offer access to content that offers a sample of your services, or is convenient (i.e. Five Easy Summer Recipes).
  8. Segmentation of Customers: Think of your email list the same way you do your business and segment it into categories of interest, making sure you send content that is relevant. Relevance equals revenue.
  9. Partner with an affiliate: Is there another business or enterprise that is conducive to a partnership? Agree to a co-promotion and agree to share email acquisitions in the end. New sources to place your message often means new customers.
  10. Collect emails the old-fashioned way: Having email sign-up sheets at your retail store or place of business, tradeshows, or promotional events is still a big driver of email list acquisition. Don’t be afraid of the business card bowl!
  11. Targeted newsletters: Offer a weekly or monthly newsletter that your customers or potential customers can sign up for. Drive interesting and engaging content as promised. Don’t offer more than you can keep up with.
  12. LinkedIn: In 2012, a HubSpot study found that LinkedIn was 277% more effective than Twitter and Facebook for lead generation. If LinkedIn isn’t part of your social media strategy, it should be (source).
  13. Be a sought-after speaker: Are you an expert in your field? Become the voice of your business and offer to either email your presentation, speech, or send a complimentary newsletter in exchange for the audience member’s email address.
  14. Guest author/Guest blogs: If writing is more your thing, offer to be a guest blogger on a website that is attractive to your target customers. Be sure to negotiate a link to your own website and posting of a bio with contact information.
  15. Opt-in email refresh: If your email list has become ineffective, send a re-invitation offering options to re-engage them such as weekly newsletters, special promotions, etc.
  16. QR Codes: Incorporate QR codes in your promotions that make email registration quick and easy.
  17. Don’t forget videos: Video content is one of the most shareable assets in the digital world. Add a link to your email sign up page on your YouTube channel and/or incorporate into the credits.
  18. Collect emails at point-of-sale: Make sure your front line is trained to ask for email addresses when handling customers or potential customers on the phone, email, social media, or point-of sale.
  19. Host an event that requires email sign-up: Turn a promotion into an event (i.e. new customer appreciation). Even if it’s free, ask people to sign up via email.
  20. Host a Webinar: Make it live with real-time Q&A, or capture a presentation and put it online. Allow people to attend or access by registering via their email address.
  21. Mobile-enable your business: Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and make your website equally accessible.
  22. Honor your privacy policy: Be upfront with your privacy policy and include reference to it in all registration forms and email. Make sure you walk the talk. This will always build more trust and your email list.
  23. Integration: Capturing email addresses needs to be a required element of all of your marketing channels: from print order forms, customer service protocol, social media drivers, and in-person solicitation. You also need an effective way to keep your email list up-to-date, duplications purged, and offers properly deployed/segmented.
  24. Provide incentives: Offer a redeemable reward, a discount, a freebie in exchange for email registration. If monitored closely, this can be your best ROI strategy.
  25. Test, test, and test. Every business is unique and your acquisition strategy will also follow suit. Test your approaches. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Knowing your win-loss record will help develop a fool-proof email marketing game plan.

Do you have any other tips that you use to build your email list? We’d love to know.