10 Ways to Improve Website Conversions

As marketing consultants, we talk constantly with entrepreneurs about their business and marketing strategies. What we’ve discovered is that they all have one problem in common. They share this problem despite their different backgrounds, education, work experience, and values in life. They have one thing that connects them all and sometimes sadly this one thing can destroy them and their businesses. The common factor is the scarcity of time.

At any given point in an entrepreneur’s day, they have to choose what action will give them the biggest return for their time. They can focus on researching their competitors, they can focus on the financials of their business, they can focus on hiring a new employee, they can focus on a sales call, and the list goes on and on. The fact is that all of these options are important, if not essential. They need to be completed to build and maintain a successful business. The same person just can’t do them all at the same time.

With scarcity of time in mind, we always propose the same question with entrepreneurs. “What are you doing to promote and grow your business online?” Remember first, that these entrepreneurs are smart. They’ve built or run an entire business and all of the systems and processes involved. They often put in more effort and hold experience than anyone else in the company. So when we propose this question, we always get a thoughtful and educated answer.

Many of our entrepreneur friends are doing a lot to grow and advertise their companies. But to no fault of their own, they aren’t generating as many new customers as they’d like to. They’re focusing on growth, but aren’t seeing the results. They are not quite sure of what else they could possibly do. So as they’ve done their entire careers, they start to educate themselves on how to solve the problem. They attend seminars titled “Digital Marketing and the Future.” They look up articles on the latest trends and set themselves up with a Facebook page. They buy books from expert authors and bring them home to read in the off hours.

Inevitably during the search to discover and implement the latest marketing strategies, something comes up for the entrepreneurs’ that is more pressing than a blog article on Twitter. What results is the article gets put on hold, the books sit on the shelf, and the marketing conference gets postponed until next year. Most importantly, the right marketing systems are not built that allow the business to grow. Including the website and the company’s digital presence that supports it.

10 Ways to Improve Website Conversions:

  1. Build the website on the latest content management system (CMS).
  2. Education yourself on new marketing tools, in addition to running the business.
  3. Discover how many people visit the site, and more importantly learn who they are.
  4. Don’t simply check one keyword once a month. Sit down and learn some Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  5. Keep a list of current customers, former customers, and prospects.
  6. Communicate with your network in a consistent way.
  7. Focus on marketing, even if your customers come in naturally through referrals.
  8. Acknowledge that your business is not unique and your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  9. Build up your positive testimonials on Yelp, LinkedIn and Google Places.
  10. Share your unique experience and expertise with the world.